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Premium motoring fuels in Western Australia

We've been getting some calls lately from motorists who think they may have been overcharged for their fuel, and then realised they have accidentally purchased a higher grade type.

To aid in determining which premium fuel you are buying, FuelWatch has put together these guidelines.

There are two premium fuels sold in the Western Australian market - known by the generic names of PULP and 98 RON.

Most service stations offer these products under a branded name. The table below lists some of the more common brand names. Some sites may sell both PULP and 98 RON, while at others it will be one or the other.

Each fuel type should be clearly marked. There is no advantage in using a higher-octane fuel than your vehicle's engine management system is designed to take advantage of. With 98 RON up to 8 cpl more expensive than PULP at the same site, it pays to make sure you know which one you are purchasing.

If you want to know more about each brand of fuel, go to our links page to access the company websites.

7-ElevenExtra 95Supreme+ 98
AmpolAmplify Premium 95Amplify Premium 98
BPUnleaded 95Ultimate 98
CaltexVortex 95 Vortex 98
Coles ExpressUnleaded 95V-Power
GullPremium Unleaded 95 ---
LibertyPremium Unleaded 95Premiumax
PumaPumamax 95Pumamax 98
UnitedPremium 95Premium 98
VibePremium Unleaded 95Premium 98
Woolworths Vortex 95Vortex 98

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