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How FuelWatch Works


Keep your money in your bank – not in your tank!

At absolutely no cost, fuel price information is available via: the FuelWatch website; FuelWatch's personalised email service; media reports with FuelWatch data; and by using our phone service for the price of a local phone call, wherever you are in WA.

The rewards for using FuelWatch can be significant! WA motorists could save up to 30 cpl on any given day, equating to an $18 saving when filling up a 60 litre tank. 

FuelWatch provides increased consumer knowledge of fuel prices and price transparency at the wholesale and retail levels of the petroleum industry. 

FuelWatch empowers WA motorists by providing: 

  • Certainty - the 24 hour rule ‘locks-in’ retail fuel prices so consumers can be confident that the prices on our website and email service are the prices at the bowser.  
  • Transparency - our two tiered approach to transparency helps motorists get the best deal and understand fuel prices.  Firstly, WA motorists can find the cheapest retailers in any area around Perth and the majority of regional WA. Secondly, WA motorists can see on our website what makes up wholesale prices via the Terminal Gate Price (TGP) page. 

FuelWatch increases price transparency and price certainty for motorists, and in so doing applies downward competitive pressure on prices. WA motorists can place further pressure on fuel retailers by using the price information from FuelWatch to buy from the cheaper retailers.

FuelWatch is an initiative of the Western Australian Government administered by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.  FuelWatch was Australia’s first fuel price monitoring and reporting service that is backed by legislation ensuring its integrity.  It is a unique service for Western Australian motorists, giving them the opportunity to potentially save hundreds of dollars a year by making informed fuel purchases. 

The 24-Hour Rule

Throughout most of WA fuel retailers are required to notify their next day's retail price for each fuel they sell by 2pm. 

Retailers must stay at the notified price from 6am for 24 hours this means WA motorists are free from the frustrating intra-day price fluctuations, which motorists in other Australian States still experience. 

WA motorists also have the unique opportunity to make informed decisions about where and when to buy their fuel.  WA motorists can access fuel prices at any time, on any day of the week, via this website.  Fuel prices are also available via: calling the Consumer Protection Advice Line (during office hours) on 1300 30 40 54; many media outlets; and personalised email subscription service. 

Plus the next day's prices are available from 2:30pm. FuelWatch lists the cheapest fuel for today and tomorrow – giving you the power to buy your fuel at the most competitive price. 

And There's More

FuelWatch also works behind the scenes to ensure retailers, wholesalers and oil companies comply with obligations under the Petroleum Products Pricing Act 1983 and the Petroleum Retailers Rights and Liabilities Act 1982.

The FuelWatch team responds to complaints, and non-compliance with FuelWatch's governing Acts which can result in fines or even prosecution.

As an expert in fuel pricing issues, FuelWatch provides advice to the State and Federal Governments on a range of policy and legislative initiatives.