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Using the website

This help page has been written to guide you through using our website.

The menu

To display the contents of a menu, just move your mouse over it; the list of items contained in the menu should appear via a 'drop down menu'. To go to one of the pages listed in the menu, click on the item you are interested in.

The footer

The footer, located at the bottom of each page that makes up the FuelWatch website, provides you with a way of navigating FuelWatch no matter what page is currently loaded. The links it contains are:

Home - takes you back to the front page of the FuelWatch website.

Contact Us - if you have any questions about the website or about any issues relating to petrol pricing in Western Australia, you can use this form to speak to us.

Links - a list of links providing relevant information about petrol pricing, as well as general information for Western Australian consumers.

Help - this help page. A guide to using the various parts of the FuelWatch website.

Site Map - a list of all the pages that make up the FuelWatch website.

Technical information

The FuelWatch website has been optimised for browsers running at a resolution of 1024 x 768. Some parts of this website use JavaScript; please make sure it is enabled in your browser.