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Using the front page

The FuelWatch website front page puts the most important information you need in one place.


Our News will keep you informed of price hikes and general industry issues. The news will be updated frequently, to keep you up to date with the latest in news. To view the whole body of a news article, simply click on the link in the article summary.

Metro / Country / My Prices

When you first open FuelWatch, you'll see two 'tabs' - "Metro" and "Country" By default the best prices for North, South, and East of Perth are shown. If you live outside the metropolitan area, click on the "Country" tab to get the best prices for all the regions of Western Australia.

Once you have logged in to My FuelWatch, the "My Prices" tab will show you the results of your saved search. This means that the prices you are most interested in will be displayed.

My FuelWatch login

Located at the top right of the front page is a section that allows you to log in to My FuelWatch.