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Benchmark Prices

ULP and Diesel

The wholesale price for ULP and diesel in Australia are based on the Singapore price of petrol (MOPS95) and diesel (Gasoil 10ppm sulphur), respectively. These benchmark prices are available on the Australian Institute of Petroleum’s website. It is important to note that an import parity price is used to calculate the wholesale price, therefore the benchmarks do not include the landed costs into Australia that include: quality premium (for the fuel to comply with Australian standards); wharfage; insurance and transport; excise and GST; and wholesale margin. The benchmark is traded in US dollars, as such the exchange rate impacts the price in Australian dollars.


The wholesale price for LPG/Autogas in Australia is based on a benchmark price set in Saudi Arabia. This price is set once a month, and is published in US dollars per tonne. This price is converted into Australian cents per litre to form a base for local wholesale prices.

LPG/Autogas is generally made up of two gases - propane and butane. In Western Australia, it can vary from 100% propane to a 50/50 mixture of both gases. The Saudi Aramco Contract Price is actually made up of two figures - one for propane, and one for butane.  The current Saudi Aramco Contract Prices are below (or in Adobe PDF format). 

July 2021 : 42.8